Connecting farmers and consumers.

Our machine enables farmers worldwide to sell green coffee beans directly to consumers.

Estimated delivery: Dec 2014

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Our concept

Help us show the world that it is time to change the way coffee is perceived, traded and enjoyed. With the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine we can disrupt the value chain, empower farmers and bring you the fairest and freshest coffee experience right into your own home.

The machine

Roasting, grinding and brewing is now at your fingertips. With our coffee machine, you can go from green beans to black coffee at a single push of a button. Simple and elegant.

  • Funded 100%
  • Produced 21%
  • Shipped 0%


With our machine,
roasting, grinding and brewing
is at your fingertips.
Try it and enjoy it.

Roasting device

Roasting coffee releases its flavor.
Through fresh roasting we can assure high quality
and the freshest coffee experience.

Ceramic Cone Grinder

Our high quality ceramic cone grinder reduces grinding time and increases coffee powder consistency.

Water filter

We have integrated recyclable water filters and a reusable coffee filter and are using the so-called rain shower brewing method.

A community market place for farmers & consumers.

We are bringing you closer to the farmer. Get to know their work and their daily processes and order only the coffee you like.


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